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Detroit Rock City

Factual error: In the scene where Mystery is playing "Rock & Roll All Nite" in the basement, Hawk is playing an Epiphone Special II guitar. The movie is set in 1978, and this guitar did not hit the market until 1996.

Continuity mistake: When Hawk is drinking the Bourbon on the rocks, the lemon wedge disappears when he spits out, and re-appears after the scene when the lady giggles.

Continuity mistake: When Beth and Jam hit heads to pick up his drumstick, she is holding the stick in her right hand. Then next scene, she's rubbing her head with her right hand and holding the stick in her left hand. Then they go back to the original scene and she hands him the drumstick with her right hand.

Continuity mistake: When the boys are in the car, the two boys in the back seat switch places. At first you can see Jam on the left, and then he is on the right.

Continuity mistake: When Hawk is puking in the blender at the strip club, he fills it up, but when the bouncer takes the blender, it's only 3/4 of the way full.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene where Jam's mum is trying to listen to the record player, she shakes the shelf to try to turn it off, but there's a silver statue that keeps falling. It falls about 7 times in about 40 seconds.

Revealing mistake: When all four of the guys are driving the Volvo through Detroit, if you watch real close, sometimes you can see 1980's and 90's vehicles parked on the side of the roads. Especially when they show a long shot with an older mustang following them, there is what looks like (it's hard to tell) a newer Buick or Chrysler (like the 300m) on the left side of the screen.

Factual error: When the four boys are leaving the radio station, they hear "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" by Rupert Holmes in the elevator. This would be impossible since the film is set in 1978 and that song wasn't released until 1979.

Continuity mistake: When the trans-am guy tells Hawk to pull over, Hawk rolls up his window, then various shots that follow when the trans-am is trying to run them off the road, the window is rolled back down, then up again numerous times.

Continuity mistake: Hawk is in the strip club nursing his bourbon on the rocks. He is hunched over the glass holding it in his hand. The camera angle changes to a view from behind him and the glass has moved from his grasp across the bar.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Trip throws the pizza out the window of the car, it is full daylight. When Hawk puts the rock on the pedal of Kenny's car to make it drive itself into the ditch, it is sunset. In the next scene, when the guys are celebrating, it is full daylight again.

Continuity mistake: While the four guys are on their way to Detroit, Trip is hanging out of the sunroof. In the next few shots, you can clearly see that the car has no sunroof for Trip to hang out of. [The Volvo does have a sunroof the whole time, it is actually a moonroof with clean lines that are hard to notice.]

Continuity mistake: When the kid is running from the security guards he crawls under some trucks. But if you look in the background in between the trucks it is raining, but after he gets out from under the last truck it's not raining anymore.

Factual error: The movie is set in '78, however the Volvo has plastic hubcaps which were not available on Volvos until 1986.


Factual error: The teacher in shop class is reading a newspaper with a headline about the Jim Jones suicide cult in Guyana, saying bodies were found, etc. However, the cult did not take the cyanide Kool-Aid until November 18, 1978, the concert in Detroit takes place October 13, over a month before the Jim Jones suicide/massacre.

Continuity mistake: The scene where Jam's mom pulls out the K-mart box, at first its a newer K-mart logo, and then when the camera is overhead, its a older logo.

Factual error: In the convenience store scene, the kid in the Ace makeup is playing a KISS pinball machine. The movie is set in 1978, so this is impossible, as the KISS pinball machine didn't hit the streets until summer 1979.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when they're in the car on their way to Detroit; Trip gets a piece of pizza out of the box. When his hand reaches in the box there are two pieces. In the next shot there's only one piece.

Factual error: The song the disco fans are singing along to before the pizza hits their car is "Makin' It". this would be impossible as the film is set in 1978, and the song was not released until 1979.

Factual error: The Pizza Pig delivery driver arrives to the parochial school in a pink Lada Niva. Russian Ladas have never been imported into the States, and though it may be argued it have been purchased and brought into the US from Canada, since Canada did import them for awhile, the Lada is a late 80's model, and the movie takes place in 1978.


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