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The Matrix Revolutions
The Matrix Revolutions mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: As the Oracle stands up from the bench, right at the end (after she says "Someday"), you can see a strip of yellow tape on the back of the bench marking the right place for her to sit.

Continuity mistake: Sati and her family leave one suitcase when they get on the train (the one Neo was carrying), but when the train comes back and Trinity steps out, there is no suitcase. It can't have gone anywhere - as we see when Neo tries, the only way out is on the train, otherwise you're caught in a loop.

The Matrix Revolutions mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Neo sees the oracle at her home, as the shots go back and forth during the dialog immediately after she sits down, her cigarette pack goes from closed to slightly open several times, until she takes a cigarette, then it stays slightly open.

Continuity mistake: When Trinity dies, the blood behind Neo's right ear keeps appearing and disappearing between shots.

Continuity mistake: At the very end when Oracle is sitting on a park bench, she and Sati look at the sunrise between some skyscrapers. About a minute later, there is another shot of the sunrise, but in this shot the skyscrapers are considerably shorter.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie when Trinity and Morpheus first go to visit the Oracle, if you look behind them there are two wooden frames that are on the back wall where Seraph is, then a few shots later they are on the wall where Trinity and Morpheus walked in.

Continuity mistake: In the middle of the film when the captains and crews of both ships are discussing routes, the first shot we see Niobe. Behind her there is a guy at the side of her with a grey like t-shirt or jumper. The following shot he is standing behind her.

The Matrix Revolutions mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the subway scene, when Neo gets slammed towards the wall (and crashes into it) it's visibly Keanu's stunt double.

Continuity mistake: Just after Neo has seen the Oracle he is jacked out Trinity says "How are you feeling, are you alright?", her hand is on Neo's shoulder. The following shot her hand is on his back, then back to his shoulder.

Continuity mistake: Towards the beginning of the Super Burly Brawl scene (right after Agent Smith gets knocked down on the road), Agent Smith and Neo fly up in the air and collide with each other, causing a massive surge of water to spread out as if a bomb went off. The water then falls back down on the Agent Smith clones, who are now looking up. But if you pay close attention it seems like they are completely dry, despite the fact that they have been standing in the rain and are all soaked.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Captain Mifune is defending a bridge, alone, and commands "reload", he put the right arm of the APU straight, revealing in the background some sparks that floats independent of the action and stops for a few moments.

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning when we see Neo walk into the room where the captains, Morpheus, Trinity, and the others are, if you look at Trinity she is standing behind Link in one shot, then he is standing behind her in another, and it is like this for several shots.

The Matrix Revolutions mistake picture

Revealing mistake: During the battle of the dock, just before Shara takes her second shot at the digger, she is seen from behind as her weapon is being loaded. As Zee is about to slide the rocket in, the green screen is momentarily visible through the barrel.

Continuity mistake: Close to the end of the film when some of the people from Zion are trying to blow the legs off of the diggers, in one particular shot you can see that they only load the right side of the rocket launcher, but in the next shot both sides are loaded.

Continuity mistake: In the final battle Neo/Smith scene, when Smith crashes Neo into the ground, the crash causes several cars to fly. When all the Smiths head to the hole to watch, the overturned cars are gone.

Audio problem: As the trio break into the club, they take on some bouncers. One of them gets his gun turned on him by Trinity, pushed right into his chest - we hear two gunshots, with corresponding wounds, then a third shot which has no effect.

Continuity mistake: When Smith is finally destroyed there is a wide shot and a close shot of the Oracle lying in the water filled crater. In the wide shot, there is a lot more water; her arm is completely underwater and so is half her face. In the close up, her head is almost entirely above water and her arm is visible.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where The Oracle is talking to Trinity and Morpheus, you can see the stage lights in the glasses worn by Morpheus.

Continuity mistake: At the start, When they're running a search for Neo in the Matrix, Morpheus' arms keep switching. For example, in one of the closeups, his arms are by his side, when in the previous shot it's rested on his chin. And when that guy comes in and says 'Sir, I've got the projections,' his arms are folded.

Continuity mistake: As the three start to fight at the Merovingian's club: after Trinity snaps there is a shot of Seraph pushing someone down as the man in black pulls the gun on him. To the right, there is a guy who is hurled to the floor by Trinity. In the next shot, Trinity hurls the man again.

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The Oracle: You are a bastard.
Agent Smith: You would know, Mom.



In Greek mythology Persephone was the wife of Hades, ruler of Hell. Persephone is the wife of the Merovingian, ruler of the Hell Club.