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The Hours

Other mistake: When Richard is at the babysitters he empties an Erector set can but it contains Lincoln Logs. Erector sets came in metal boxes, not cans like Lincoln Logs.

Revealing mistake: In the scene with Leonard and Virginia at the train station, an electronic display can briefly be seen hanging from the roof above Leonard's head.

Continuity mistake: In the last scene between Laura and Dan, when Dan is lying on the bed and talking to Laura in the bathroom, we see a pack of cigarettes and a light on the night table. In some shots the lighter is next to the pack and in others it's on top.

Continuity mistake: Richard yells by the window, "Don't come near me!" and, holding the handle, points his cane at Clarissa. In the very next shot, he's holding the other end of the cane with the handle pointed at Clarissa.

Factual error: When Laura (in 1951) picks up Mrs. Dalloway from the floor next to her bed, there are six novels in total. Two of the other books are Melbourne by Lord David Cecil and Under the Net by Dame Iris Murdoch, both published in 1954.

Continuity mistake: During most of the film (leading up to Clarissa's party), there are folding oak-colored wooden chairs arranged against the bookshelves in the foyer, ostensibly to be used at the party. However, during the scene where Laura Brown meets Clarissa and the apartment is arranged for the party, the only chairs utilized are non-folding white chairs (and the wooden chairs are gone).

Continuity mistake: When Virginia has kissed Vanessa she leans her forehead against Vanessa's forehead. When it cuts their heads are away from each other.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Virginia comes down to talk with her husband she takes the kettle with her left hand while holding her right hand in her pocket. When it cuts she is suddenly holding a cup in her right hand.


Continuity mistake: When Laura comes down and her son and husband are having breakfast, there is a cup on the table on the opposite side of where her son is sitting. When it cuts to her husband saying, "Morning honey" the cup is gone.


Continuity mistake: When Dan is about to leave for work we see Richie leaning on the table with his arm. When it cuts we see him in the background but he isn't leaning on the table.


Continuity mistake: When Laura Brown's son and husband are eating breakfast, watch her son's bowl of cereal (I think it's corn flakes with sliced bananas). As the scene progresses, the amount of corn flakes in the bowl grows and lessens, banana slices disappear and reappear, and the spoon changes positions several times.

Continuity mistake: When Laura and Kitty talk in the kitchen, at the point where Kitty reveals that she has a growth in her uterus the arrangement of things on the kitchen counter changes. The most obvious change is the position of the flour bag, which is turned by 90 degrees.


Continuity mistake: The scene where Virgina sits down on the trunk where her niece has bedded the dead bird on a leaf there some inconsistencies. Virginia is holding four or five roses in the hand. She breaks one blossom off and puts it down on the leaf (we don't see where exactly, though). Then the camera cuts to her upper body, and she is apparently not doing anything with her hands, but in the next, wider shot only one rose is left in her hand. Then, in a close up of the bird we see no roses at all. Finally, in the last shot of the scene she is seen putting three blossoms around the bird which were not in her hands when we saw them last.


Continuity mistake: When Mr. and Mrs. Woolf have their heated discussion at the train station, the bangs of his hair constantly change between three different looks: all messed up, messed up with one separate strand hanging down and neat and parted over to the left.

Continuity mistake: When Virginia Woolf is at the train station trying to go to London, the clock at the station reads 5:20. It progresses naturally throughout the scene as if care were taken to make it seem natural. However, when her husband arrives, his wrist watch is in clear view and reads 9:30.


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