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Christine's "hard" exhaust note was dubbed over from a much later car, probably a Chrysler Hemi with at least a 10:1 compression ratio. Late fifties cars had much lower compression ratios, around 8.5:1, due to the lower octane fuel then used. They obviously wanted her to sound more menacing.

When Arnie and Leigh discover that the car has been trashed at Darnell's Garage and Arnie suddenly turns on Leigh, yelling at her and shoving her backwards, note the look of shock on her face - it's real. Keith Gordon (Arnie) explains on the DVD that in rehearsing the scene, he purposely didn't react as violently, so when the scene was shot, his behavior change actually shocked Alexandra Paul (Leigh).

Jeff Swanson

In the library, when Dennis is dared to ask Leigh out, he walks past her and removes a book from a shelf. The book is 'Christine' by Stephen King.

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When Arnie Cunningham visits Dennis Guilder in the hospital, Dennis does not have a back brace. Patients with broken backs are put in a back brace to immobilize the spine, serving the same purpose as a cast.


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