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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Continuity mistake: When Jimbo gets his hand impaled on the counter with a corkscrew by Jason, the counter is clear, but a few scenes later as Jason leaves the kitchen, there's a pot holder laying on the counter.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Trish's car stops, the licence plate goes from dirty to clean.

Continuity mistake: When Trish has entered her house after escaping from Jason, she hears him behind her in the doorway, and swings at him with a machete, but hits the door frame. You can see there's a mark from a previous swing.

Revealing mistake: Trish jumps out the window and lands face up on the ground. You can plainly see it's Kimberly Beck's stunt double. She looks nothing like her.

Revealing mistake: Just before Trish jumps out of the window, as Jason runs forward to get her, you can see he has normal, human eyes, instead of his disfigured, odd eyes, seen at the end of the movie.

Revealing mistake: Trish tells Tommy to go get a hammer and some nails. When Trish then shouts "Tommy, hurry" you can see the shelf to her right get bumped by somebody in the crew, who was obviously standing nearby.

Revealing mistake: When Tina is thrown out of the window by Jason, you can see she is wearing soft body suiting on her legs as she hits the car.

Revealing mistake: Near the end when Trish is running from Jason, Jason crushes a lamp on the floor and for an instant it becomes pitch black. A moment later, the room is lit again by a sudden occurrence of "moonlight."

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Trish and Tommy push the cupboard in front of the door, the figurines and items on the shelves move/fall off/reappear between consecutive wideshots and closeups.

Continuity mistake: When two of the teens are dancing to the rock music, one boy walks over, changes the record and then places a vinyl record on top of a box. In the next closeup the vinyl record he placed down has gone.

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy and one of the twin girls go upstairs, Ted is left behind with the other twin. He tries to give her a charming look while both his arms arm down. When it cuts from behind him he is suddenly holding his left arm up.

Revealing mistake: When Jason rips Jimbo from the door, it shows a close up of his hand. Looks and tears like rubber.

Plot hole: Rob's articles talk about a murder at a cafe. The murders took place at a small grocery store.

Plot hole: When Jason first wakes up in the morgue, he kills two hospital employees inside the hospital (a semi-public place) and leaves them there. Later in the movie, Rob Dyer (the hitchhiker)in trying to convince Trish Jarvis that Jason Voorhees is still alive, he says that two hospital employees disappeared. Their bodies were not discovered in the middle of a hospital?

Visible crew/equipment: When Terri goes outside to go home, as she walks towards her bike, you can see someone upstairs walking by the window. Must be a crew member because Tina and Jimbo are in bed having sex and Ted, Sarah and Doug are watching the film downstairs. Paul and Samantha are dead. There is nobody left in the house.

Plot hole: When Jason is going next door to chase after Trish, he pulls Jimbo's body down from the doorway and begins walking towards Trish's cabin. He is seen walking by himself. However in the next scene, he throws Rob's body through the window. There was no time for him to go back and get the body.

Continuity mistake: After Tommy slices Jason in the head with the machete, he picks the machete up, and in this shot his shirt is dry. In the next shot when Trish goes over to hug him, his shirt is wet, then dry again.

Revealing mistake: When Trish jumps out through the window, rolls off the deck, and lands on the ground below, she obviously lands on a mat or some other protective device covered to look like mud. It jiggles like jelly in a perfect square when she lands on it.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Jason kills Doug in the shower, there are two red lines on his hockey mask, under the eyes. However later, when Jason bursts through the window and grabs Tommy, the lines are gone.

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Rob makes mention that he is there looking for the man who killed his sister. His sister was in part 2. She was Sandra, who was speared in bed after having sex.