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Some Kind of Wonderful

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when Keith runs after Watts, she wipes her tears away on her right side of her face but in the next shot, the tears are still there...

Correction: It's not the very next shot. It cuts back to Keith between the two, and Watts has been steadily crying. She obviously wiped some tears while more fell, accounting for tears being on her cheeks afterward.

White Lock

Corrected entry: At the gas station when Keith pumps gas for Hardy's car, we see Keith connect the pump to the car's gas tank and then walk toward the front of the car to collect the money. He never walks back to the gas tank to disconnect it, and yet in the shot right after Keith gets the money, Hardy pulls off and it's clear the gas pump is no longer connected.

Correction: This didn't happen. Keith puts the nozzle into the tank walks around the passenger side, checks the oil then walks back around the passenger side takes the nozzle out and puts it back. Then hardy drops the money and drives off after Keith picks it up.

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In the scene where Eric Stoltz's character, Keith, fresh out of the shower, is confronted by his father about the college money, he has two distinct hairstyles. These two hairstyles show up again at Hardy's house party.



The role of Keith Nelson was written for Eric Stoltz.


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