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Sins of the Father - S4-E13

Continuity mistake: Oliver chops off Malcolm's hand to end their duel. When Oliver hands the ring over to Nyssa you can see Malcolm lying in the background where he has been cut down with two hands intact, and the cut off hand nowhere in sight.

Blood Debts - S4-E10

Continuity mistake: When Conklin is whipping Oliver during an island flashback, the wounds from the whipping are visible, but after Oliver threatens to shoot himself unless Taiana remains unharmed he hands the gun to Reiter, and we get a good look at Oliver's back, wound-free.

Honor Thy Father - S1-E2

John Diggle: The knife.
Oliver Queen: Right. The knife. I got lucky.
John Diggle: That was a kitchen knife. It wasn't even weighted properly and yet you threw it with accuracy across a ten foot room.
Oliver Queen: Exactly. I got lucky.

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Trivia: Although Laurel is a couple of years older than Sara, Katie Cassidy is only about a month older than Caity Lotz.

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