The Cleveland Show

A General Thanksgiving Episode - S4-E3

Plot hole: Holt and General Ritcher could barely even hear each other when they are in the plane due to all the wind blocking the sound. Yet, General Ritcher is somehow fully able to hear Holt when Holt is saying "You've got to get me closer" despite being 60 feet away. Somehow, it was incredibly hard for them to hear about 6 feet away, yet they are somehow to fully hear each other when they 60 feet away from each other. (00:18:05 - 00:18:45)

Casual Person

Frapp Attack - S3-E16

Plot hole: Several angles of the Frapp Attack video would have been impossible for Rallo to shoot. The "ow, my bottom!" angles come from a wide shot, but Rallo was never standing in such a position when it actually happened. (00:08:05 - 00:09:05)

Casual Person

Y Tu Junior Tambien - S3-E8

Plot hole: Cleveland never tells his friends where Cecilia lives. Yet Lester is somehow able to call Immigration & Customs Enforcement and direct them to Cecilia's house. (00:14:05 - 00:15:10)

Casual Person

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Tim the Bear: Arianna. Robert. I walked in on them. They were playing Hide The Salman Rushdie.



Kendra is dealt a Queen of clubs and a red seven of diamonds. When the four of clubs has been dealt, the other cards are now a black seven of diamonds and a Jack of hearts.



The living room of the TV show "Dat's What I Was Tellin' You Before" Roberta was watching in the cutaway is the same living room as the Smith house has in American Dad. Another cartoon created by Seth MacFarlane just like this one.