The Cleveland Show

The One About Friends - S1-E3

Factual error: Lester's house is directly across the street from Cleveland's. However, when the Child Services agent runs out of Lester's house with Ernie, he runs at 2 o'clock direction (which would be towards Holt's house), but instead ends up in front of Cleveland's house, which is in a 12 o'clock direction. (00:11:20)

Casual Person
The Cleveland Show mistake picture

Pilot - S1-E1

Factual error: When everyone is saying goodbye to Cleveland and Cleveland Junior, they are standing next to Cleveland's house. Then after they have left and Stewie says "What the hell? He's getting his own show?!", they are standing next to Peter's house. Cleveland's house however, is across the street from Peter's house and could have not been able to stand next to Peter's house if they are at Cleveland's house. (00:03:20)

Casual Person

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