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Continuum - S2-E12

Character mistake: When Lana and Kit are speaking in the cafe, the window behind them contains a spelling mistake. The window reads "Bolyston Cafe" when it should say "Boylston Cafe." (00:31:45)

Forbidden Fruit - S8-E3

Factual error: All the survivors save Ms Venables and Mead die from eating apples injected with snake venom. The show is confusing venom with poison. Venom must be injected into the bloodstream to be dangerous. Eating venom is harmless to humans. Unless all of the survivors had stomach ulcers, none of them should have shown any ill effects, nor should they have died.

Allan Hall

Season 1 generally

Plot hole: It's been established that if you die on the property, you remain as a ghost for all of eternity. However, in Season 8, Moira's bones are retrieved and buried in a cemetery so that her ghost can escape and join her mother. However not all the ghost's bones are buried on the property, we know for sure that the Black Dahlia was not buried on the property and it's not likely Tate, Vivian, Ben or some of the others are buried on the property as well so they should not be tied to the house.

ctown28 Premium member

Holes - S7-E5

Revealing mistake: After Meadow tells Ali about the cult, Ali's phone shows that her phone call to Ivy has been active for 13 seconds, when in reality the call has been active for much longer than that.


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