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Chupacabra - S2-E5

Corrected entry: After Rick, Lori, and Shane leave the sick room where injured Daryl is recuperating, Rick walks off and Shane tells Lori his only concern is for her and Carl's safety. As Lori responds to his statement, in a near whisper, she calls him 'Jon' (the actor's name) instead of his character name.


Correction: I just watched this scene myself and at first it does sound like she says, "You've been abandoning us a lot, Jon." But then I turned on the subtitles. She actually says, "Even abandoning a lost child?".


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Carol: haven't had a chance to say, I'm glad you came back.
Daryl: To what? All this?
Carol: This is our home.
Daryl: This is a tomb.
Carol: That's what T-Dog called it, thought he was right, until you found me. He's your brother, but he's not good for you. Don't let him bring you down. After all look how far you've come.



When Daryl is driving the hospital van, it shows that he is going to land upside down, on the vehicle's roof, when he drives off the parking garage. In the next scene, the vehicle lands on its wheels, as if it has done a complete front flip.