The Addams Family
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Uncle Fester: We were just little scamps back then, and Lurch was well into puberty.

Uncle Fester: Hey Granny, did you fall down the stairs?
Granny: Yes.
Uncle Fester: Did you get hurt?
Granny: No.
Uncle Fester: Ah you can't do anything right.

Gomez Addams: Boy, these family wrestling matches sure are enjoyable. Right, Fester?
Uncle Fester: You said it, Gomez! And thanks to Lurch, I'll spend the next week coughing up vital organs.

Uncle Fester: I'm allergic to whipped cream, you got any pencil shavings?
Mrs. Normanmeyer: Ewwww.

Gomez Addams: Race you to the swamp, last one there's a fresh egg.

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Continuity mistake: In the episode where Fester invents a fabric: When Fester lies down on the parking lot, his head is first pointing upwards, towards a car, then in the next shot he has turned 90 degrees and his head is pointing towards Norman's legs.


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