Rescue Me
Movie Quote Quiz

Tommy Gavin: Let me tell you something, sister, you serve two purposes in this house - you can give me a blow job or make me a sandwich. I'm not in the mood for head and I had a late breakfast, so you're shit out of luck.

Tommy Gavin: The harder I work, the luckier I goddamned get.

Tommy Gavin: Bless me father for I sinned... and so have you.

Tommy Gavin: When I was growing up, I had Sister Mary Shovel Face in school... you get Sharon Stone.

Chief Jerry Reilly: Blessed screaming Jesus on a whole-wheat goddamn cracker.

Kenny Lou: "Mint Pussy." Probably one of the worst Ben and Jerry's flavors ever.

Jimmy Keefe: The fact that you even have a face repertoire makes you... suspect.

Franco Rivera: He's retarded.
Kenny Lou: Like Rainman retarded or Paris Hilton retarded?

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