Bonanza (1959)

1 corrected entry in Escape to Ponderosa

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Escape to Ponderosa - S1-E25

Corrected entry: About 3/4 of the way through the show, Ben takes the dog tags from two soldiers as proof they are ready to give up. The problem with this is the US Army didn't start using them until late 1906, and Bonanza is set in the 1860s.

terry s

Correction: In 1906, the circular aluminum disc was introduced for use by the U.S. Army (and then made mandatory in 1913.) However, at the time of the Civil War, soldiers in the Army would carry various forms of identification. However, Cartwright never calls them "dog tags", he says "name tags." And you can see they are made of paper, not engraved metal, to fit the time period.


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