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The End of All Things - S4-E14

Corrected entry: When David Robert Jones pulls the little box with the lights out, Olivia says that she knows what she has to do, that she "has to turn the lights on with her mind." She knows this because her memory of him returned, but she didn't have to turn the lights on. In the original episode she had to turn them off.


Daniel Heinrich Asmus

Correction: Olivia never specifically said she has turned the lights on before, just that "we did something like this before"

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Phillip Broyles: Someone out there is experimenting, only the whole world is their lab.



The very ending scene where Peter (in this version died in the ice as a boy so Walter's wife never met him) takes off some of the dust covers then picks up a toy airplane. The toy airplane he got as a child from ... Walter's wife when she was trying to placate him in an earlier episode for trying to run "home". This toy airplane wouldn't have been his as a child in this version of the universe.



Michael Cerveris makes his first significant appearance in this episode as The Observer/Bald Man. However if you watch the series from the beginning, he makes fleeting appearances in every episode, sometimes on a tv screen.