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Africa Special, Part 1 - S19-E6

Corrected entry: Halfway though the episode Clarkson, Hammond and May encounter an impassable river which they cross on a home-made car ferry, dragging it across on stout ropes. The river can't be all that impassable - how did they anchor the ropes to the opposite side before the first crossing? Don't tell me someone swam across - the river is infested with crocodiles.


Correction: Their adventures are always accompanied by well equipped experts and the camera crews. They have the necessary equipment to cross the river, but the challenge was for them to design a way for the three of them to get their cars across. They use the equipment to help them build the solutions. Regardless, on this occasion we see James paddle a small canoe across to secure the ropes.

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James: Why would Jeremy think you could make a limo out of a Fiat Panda? You could strech it a mile and it would only be as long as n a normal car.
Richard: Have you met Jeremy Clarkson? Tall man, curly hair, idiot?



During the police car challenge, Richard Hammond is taking his homemade police car around the track on a timed lap (with extra points for flamboyant driving). As he rounds the Hammerhead corner, the makeshift stinger (that's a spike strip for the colonials) on the front of his car breaks off and is left behind. He then drives through a stack of boxes, getting one caught on the remains of the stinger mounting. As he approaches the second-to-last corner, the box has gone and the stinger is now back on the front of the car. In the final shot as his car limps across the finish line, the stinger is once again missing and the box has returned. Clearly footage from a different lap was substituted in.