Winds of War

New this month Trivia: Herman Wouk, the author of the source novel, has a cameo as the Archbishop of Siena.

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New this month Trivia: The script for the entire series tops out at 962 pages, and contains 1785 scenes and 285 speaking parts. The total production involved more than 4,000 camera setups, and more than a million feet of exposed film were shot. The complete series was shot at over 404 different locations in Europe, California and Washington State over a 14 month shooting schedule.

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Trivia: Logan Ramsey, who played Senator Ike Lacouture, was the son of the radio operator who sent out the very first alert of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. Logan Ramsey Sr.'s famous message was, "Air raid, Pearl Harbor. This is no drill!"

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