H2O (2006)

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To Have and to Hold Back - S3-E13

Corrected entry: Lewis gets a scholarship to study science in the U.S. but was at risk of failing science earlier in the season. Even the fact that he was at risk of failing is a plot hole because he is obviously fascinated with science throughout the whole series.

Correction: Being fascinated with science or even getting a scholarship doesn't preclude a student from being at risk to fail. Many very bright and capable students struggle getting good grades when they don't complete assignments, have any behavior issues, don't do their class work, etc, especially if they find the pace of the class too slow.


Something Fishy - S1-E5

Plot hole: When Emma gets the water bottle out of the fridge, the bottle that she touches is wet, so shouldn't this trigger her transformation?

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Rikki Chadwick: Zane Bennett is a pig. I take a chance to get under his skin any time I get one.

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