H2O (2006)

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Metamorphosis - S1-E1

Corrected entry: When Cleo sprays Zane with the fire hydrant, she unscrews the hydrant's cap. She shouldn't be able to do this because she controls water, not objects.

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Correction: Even though she only moves water there is water inside it so she is able to control anything that had to do with water. Just like in the episode where Charlotte gets her powers and shows them she didn't only move the water, at first she moves the vase then the flowers start to move, then she moves the water.

Something Fishy - S1-E5

Plot hole: When Emma gets the water bottle out of the fridge, the bottle that she touches is wet, so shouldn't this trigger her transformation?

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Rikki Chadwick: Emma may look tough but she's easily hurt.

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