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The Classified Materials Turbulence - S2-E22

Corrected entry: Why would all the astronauts want to do something as dangerous as a spacewalk, particularly one that not only leaves nobody in the International Space Station, but one that has been forbidden by NASA? Because of the smell of waste leaking from the defective toilet? If they can still smell that after they have put on their spacesuits, they are in a lot more trouble than they think. There is no need to leave the station, and they would never, ever do something as stupid as all leaving the ISS at the same time anyway. Besides, do they think the problem of the leaking toilet is going to fix itself while they are all out spacewalking?

Correction: They never say anything about a smell. We can only assume a worst case-scenario, which in this case, would be their feces floating around inside the station. Of course, even something like this wouldn't put real astronauts outside, but since it's a TV show, it falls into the suspension of belief category.


Correction: If you can explain away technical errors like this by claiming 'suspension of disbelief' that about half of this site just became redundant. There is a definite error in the episode, identified in this posting : there would never, ever be an occasion where every astronaut would leave the ISS at the same time.

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