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Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: At the end of this episode when Penny asks to use Leonard and Sheldon's bathroom for a shower, when she goes down the hallway towards the bathroom/bedrooms, she turns past the bathroom (the door that is visible from the living room) and turns right and goes towards the bedrooms.

Jack Adams

Correction: Penny could simply be going to grab a towel from the linen closet before having her shower.


Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: When Howard is showing Penny the online game and Penny expresses interest, Raj says "Smooth", even though Penny is right there - breaking his mutism rule.

Moose Premium member

Correction: This has never been a diagnosed condition in his case. In Episode 13 of the same season, during a group conversation he accidentally says "good story" with Penny present and immediately realized that he talked in front of a female then covered his mouth. This is just a individual non-medical problem.


Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: Raj talks aloud whilst Penny is still in the room.


Correction: Raj enters the room while Penny is in the bathroom about to take a shower. Raj does talk but, doesn't yet know she's there.

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