Dexter (2006)

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The British Invasion - S2-E12

Corrected entry: If the police pulled Doakes' fingerprints from the gas after the explosion, wouldn't they have found Lila's too? Also, you never hear about Lila from the police again. Don't you think after Deb kicks her out of Miami and then finds out she burned the place down that they would have tried to find her? Especially if her prints were in the cabin.

Correction: They may well have found her prints, and they may well have hunted for her, but as with many of Dexter's victims she has disappeared. A significant number of Dexter's victims are wanted criminals who mysteriously vanish and they are never mentioned on the show again. This doesn't mean the police aren't still looking for them.

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Isaak Sirko: You didn't kill Victor out of vengeance. I have a feeling you're a different kind of animal. The question is...what kind are you, Dexter Morgan?
Dexter: The kind who hunted your friend down and strapped him to a board and put a plastic bag on his head and crushed his skull with a fire extinguisher. The kind who's gonna do the same thing to you, give or take the fire extinguisher.



When they are at the crime scene, you can plainly see the camera and camera man reflected in Special Agent Lundy's sunglasses several times. When it is a close up shot, it is even more obvious.



(POSSIBLE SPOILER) When Masuka brings up the list of doctors authorized to get the M99, Dexter removes his alias note that Dexter's fake alias (used to get the M99 tranquilizer) is Dr. Patrick Bateman. Patrick Bateman is the lead character of "American Psycho". This was most likely an intentional "easter egg" of sorts within the show.