Remington Steele

Etched in Steele - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: Laura grabs her day planner and closes it. She then clips a pen to the top, stuffs her pocketbook under her left arm and begins to walk out. As she passes Murphy, she flicks the planner at him with her right hand. The pen goes flying out and a moment later, a woman's voice sounds in surprise, as if she just got hit with the pen. The pen flip may be deliberate, but it doesn't seem like it, as Murphy doesn't react at all. Also, as Laura continues to walk, she puts the planner, still in her right hand, over her head as Steele chases after her, calling her name. Cut to the next shot from the front; Steele is still calling her name, but now the planner is in Laura's left hand and by her side and her pocketbook is now under her right arm. (00:30:10)


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