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Phantom Traveler - S1-E4

Corrected entry: When Sam is on the plane searching for the demon, he is told to say the word 'Christo', as demons will flinch at the name of God (said in Latin). 'Christo' is the Latin word for Christ, not God. God in Latin is 'Deus'.

Correction: Since it's a reference to Christian spirituality, the name of Christ is the name of one of the three persons of the Christian Trinity (God). For example, Mary, Jesus Christ's mother, is called "Mother of God" by most Christian traditions ever since the Nestorian controversy (and as the reference is in Latin, the show is almost definitely referencing Catholic Christian theology, which would affirm this).

That is correct and we've seen them use other forms of Catholicism methods and traditions throughout the show. For example, holy water and cross symbols. However, as the show develops we see the main characters begin to incorporate pre-Christian ideologies to fight the demons. One ideology is the actual name of God which the Catholic Church omitted when they used the Trinity to assimilate pagan tribes. Every place where the original Hebrew name for God was had been replaced with 'Lord' and they did the same for Jesus. So terms like 'Cristo' and 'Deus' are titles. Not names. Which is horribly confusing. All in all, the whole "mention God's name and the demon should flinch" then give a title and not a name at all is just pure laziness on the writers and general censorship. In scriptures, usually mentioning the Messiah at all made demons nervous (the book of Matthew has an account on that). However the main controversy is the pronunciation of the tetragrammatron (YHWH) which has been lost because in Hebrew tradition, one didn't take the name of God lightly. It was sacred. So the argument that usually follows is if no one has the actual pronunciation, is it necessary to use it or even acknowledge it. My personal response to that is, if it's in the Bible, it's probably important regardless.

Phantom Traveler - S1-E4

Corrected entry: When Dean and Sam enter the car, a microphone can be seen on Sam's side of the car (black with orange rim) and remains throughout the shot. (00:08:55)

Correction: That is the handle that controls the spotlights on their car, it is not a microphone, it is part of the car.

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Before the Roadhouse fire, Ash and Dean are talking on the phone. Ash looks at his watch, on his left hand, it says 8:10, and has a black dial/face. As Dean and Bobby go through the rubble, Dean identifies Ash by his watch. Still on his left hand, it is now upside down, evident by the crown of the watch (used to move the hands of the watch) which previously facing his hand, is now facing his elbow. Also, the dial/face of the watch is now silver instead of black. This is a different watch, and was inadvertently put on the burnt arm upside down.



At the beginning, the cabin looks very similar to the cabin in The Evil Dead, even the swinging bench (although on the opposite side of the door). And the girl calls out the name Ashleu, Bruce Campbell's character in Evil Dead.