Heroes (2006)

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Season 1 generally

Corrected entry: In some episodes Claire voluntarily hurts herself (like when she grabs a pan out of a hot oven or when she sticks her fingers down the sink disposal to grab something). She is obviously badly injured these two times but shows absolutely no signs of pain whatsoever. Later in season 1 when she tries to do the back tuck off the tower she breaks her leg and is in agonizing pain. Also Peter has this power too, and he shows signs of pain a couple of times throughout the season. Do they have pain or not?


Correction: They do have pain, at least in the earlier seasons. That being said, the more she does these things, the higher her tolerance for pain becomes. It isn't until Sylar takes her power that she becomes totally numb to pain, with the few exceptions of when her power is dormant.

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