Homecoming - S1-E9

Question: Why does Sylar choose the homecoming event to kill Claire and take her power? Surely a person as clever as Sylar would realise that it would be full of people and that there would be a risk of capture (which is exactly what happens). Why not wait until Claire is asleep? Or follow her when she's on her own and corner her in an alley?


Chosen answer: Sylar's not bothered about the risk of capture - his confidence in his abilities is high enough that he probably thinks that he would be impossible to take down anyway. And you have to remember that he's driven by a hunger to take new abilities - he's not going to be happy with the idea of waiting for the perfect moment. She's relatively isolated, her only companion being another cheerleader, no reason to wait.

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Homecoming - S1-E9

Question: Why does Jessica want to kill D.L. so much? I don't understand her motivation behind it.


Chosen answer: Jessica thinks she is the only one capable of taking care of her son. She feels that DL stole him, and she has to eliminate him as a threat.

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