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Hiros - S1-E5

Corrected entry: In episode 5, "Hiros", Mr Bennet and The Haitian hold Nathan at gun point when Nathan reaches a dead end (the fence) after trying to make an attempt to run away. Nathan then leaps into the air and flies off. However, The Haitian cancels out other people's powers when they are near him, so Nathan should not have been able to fly. This same thing happens again in Episode 16, "Unexpected," on the roof of the Deveaux Building where Mr Bennet and The Haitian attempt to capture Claude and Peter, but Peter flies away, and Claude manages to still be invisible.

Correction: The Haitian negates other people's powers at will - in "Five Years Gone", Parkman is able to read minds with the Haitian standing next to him. Now remember that the Haitian actually works for Peter and Nathan's mother, and he may be under orders to allow the Petrellis to escape the Company's clutches.

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