Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O (1968)

1 plot hole in Trouble in Mind

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Trouble in Mind - S3-E2

Plot hole: McGarrett is hunting for heroin dealers who've laced the drug with arsenic. Yet when he and Chin Ho arrest Harry Parch and find his stash, McGarrett performs the TV cop cliché of sticking his finger into the white powder and tasting it. Even that small a dose of arsenic could be lethal, and seasoned cop that he is, McGarrett would know that.


Jean G

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9-4 "Man on Fire": McGarrett's blackboard already lists plutonium as the poison source before Dr. Ormsbee enters to inform him that plutonium was the poison source.



Danno was played by Tim O'Kelley in the 5-0 pilot. But a NY test audience told CBS they didn't buy him as a serious cop because he was too much of a "smart-cracking, Jimmy-Olsen-type gee-whiz kid." Leonard Freeman took the criticism to heart, and recast the part with James MacArthur for the series.