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2 mistakes in It's the End of the World (Part I)

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It's the End of the World (Part I) - S2-E17

Continuity mistake: After Meredith puts her hand on the bomb, everyone stands up. It shows Christina and Burke standing up looking at her, But in the following wideshot Dr. Burke is suddenly crouched down again.

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It's the End of the World (Part I) - S2-E17

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the episode when Izzie is getting a wheelchair for Dr. Bailey, Bailey's water breaks and it goes all over George's shoes. But when she is hauled into the chair her jeans are completely dry.

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Katie Bryce: My head is full.
Dr. Meredith Grey: It's called thinking. Go with it.

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Trivia: Each episode is named after a famous song.

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