The Wild Wild West

The Night of the Lord of Limbo - S2-E15

Factual error: In the upper right side of the screen early in the episode, you can see an airplane flying from the right to left. (00:06:05)


The Night of the Vicious Valentine - S2-E20

Factual error: Artemus opens a cabinet to reveal a map of the United States where he and West are keeping track of the alphabetical murders. The map is far out of date for the Grant administration, with what became the state of West Virginia during the Civil War still part of Virginia, and missing entirely the states of Nevada, Oregon, Kansas, Nebraska, and Minnesota-all of which were part of the union before President Grant took office. (00:04:45 - 00:06:30)


The Night of the Wolf - S2-E27

Factual error: Several airplane contrails are visible in the sky as West gallops his horse to Stefan's coronation.


The Night of the Skulls - S2-E13

Factual error: The bizarre centerpiece on the murderers' banquet table has colored electric light bulbs showing in the skulls' eye sockets. (00:26:50)

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The Night of the Poisonous Posey - S2-E7

Factual error: Brutus fires his rifle at West more than a dozen times without once reloading. And he's not carrying anything in which he could store ammunition anyway. (00:43:20)

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The Night of the Skulls - S2-E13

Factual error: This episode suggests that the presidential order of succession is Vice-President, Secretary of State, then President Pro-Tem of the Senate. It's actually the Vice-President, then Speaker of the House, then President Pro-Tem of the Senate.

The Night of the Skulls - S2-E13

Factual error: Fenlow begins shouting about "one nation, under God, indivisible." This series is set in the 1870s. The Pledge of Allegiance, from which these lines are taken, wasn't written until 1892. And the words "under God" weren't added until 1954. (00:46:55)

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The Night of the Watery Death - S2-E9

Factual error: The coin Artemus hands West is a Morgan silver dollar. It's no coincidence that the actor's thumb covers the date on the coin in the inserted close-up. The series is set during Grant's presidential term in the early 1870s, and Morgan dollars weren't minted until 1878, after Grant had left office. (00:09:40)

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The Night of the Avaricious Actuary - S4-E11

Continuity mistake: The letter from the Cyclops Insurance Company that Gordon pulls out of his pocket is folded, wrinkled, and well-worn. In the close up of the same letter West reads, the letter is white, pristine, and not wrinkled or folded.

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The Night of the Casual Killer - S1-E5

Trivia: Ross Martin (Artemus Gordon) was an actual accomplished violinist and played for real in this episode.

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