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Protection - S10-E22

Corrected entry: When the teacher is being "mugged" she is wearing a flowery shirt and red cardigan but when the BAU show up she has a navy polka dot shirt on and a grey cardigan. Also the "mugger" has a dark shirt then a checked shirt. (00:15:45 - 00:16:30)

Charlotte Bell

Correction: This unsub was diagnosed with severe paranoid schizophrenia, and is currently in a delusional state, with his delusions driving his vigilantism. During the entire episode the unsub sees things that are not real, and we the viewers are seeing what he sees, such as his conversations with Patricia and Melina Valdez, whom he had already killed. In the unsub's delusional state, the teacher wears a reddish sweater and flowery dress, and "mugger" wears a black jacket, which is different from what they're wearing in reality as we can see when the bodies are found. It also happens with the young woman and her boyfriend - in the unsub's delusional state she wears a reddish sweater and flowery dress and boyfriend's in a black jacket, but in reality she's wearing a black tank top and black pants, and in her account of the incident the boyfriend's in a tee shirt.

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