Threshold (2005)

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Season 1
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1 Trees Made of Glass (1) 0
2 Trees Made of Glass (2) 0
3 Blood of the Children 0
4 The Burning 0
5 Shock 1
6 Pulse 0
7 The Order 0
8 Revelations 0
9 Progeny 0
10 The Crossing 0
11 Escalation 0
12 Vigilante 0

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Molly and Ramsey find out that the van they are looking for was ticketed in Baltimore City at "the corner of Pennington and Fifth," and they are looking at a computerized map of the area. However, the map can be easily matched up to the actual Mapquest map of the area around the corner of Fifth St. and Patapsco Ave., except that the latter has been relabeled as Pennington. There is a Pennington Ave. in Baltimore City, but it runs parallel to Fifth, about a mile east of it.



In "Trees Made of Glass, Part 1", Gunneson (William Mapother) is shot in the chest four times by Caffrey. William Mapother previously played Ethan Rom on Lost, who was killed by four shots to the chest.