ALF (1986)

2 continuity mistakes in Pennsylvania 6-5000

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Pennsylvania 6-5000 - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: When Alf calls Air Force One the second time (after Willie has been arrested) we can see that Mr. De Foe is playing solitaire. After the guy who answers Alf's call says "You might want to try that 4 of Spades on that 5 of Diamonds", Mr De Foe drops a small stack of cards on some of his already played cards and says "Just place the call and trace this one." The camera then cuts to the guy who answered Alf's call but when it cuts back to De Foe, the cards he dropped are now neatly stacked in front of him with out anytime to have replaced them. After the cuts of De Foe talking to Alf, De Foe eventually saying "I'll see what I can do" and the cards are back lying on his other cards like they were when he first dropped them.

00:13:55 - 00:14:30

Justin Davis

Pennsylvania 6-5000 - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: After Willie is arrested, he is talking to Kate while he is in the jail cell. Willie then begins to say "I don't know what happened. All I know is someone used my radio and now I'm a criminal and they're going to hang me" with the camera view being behind Kate with Willie's hands outside the jail cell bars. Then when the camera cuts to inside the cell, Willie's hands are not only inside the cell but Willie is further back away from the bars with his hands inside the cell, with no time to have made the move.


Justin Davis

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