Drake and Josh

Trivia: In the episode/movie "Really Big Shrimp" it shows an external shot of The Premiere but instead of having fake movie titles it says "Now She's Carly", a reference to how Miranda Cosgrove is getting her own show on Nick, "iCarly."

Trivia: If you look to the right of the Premiere Theatre when it shows an outside shot, there is always a shop like Schneider's Pizza, Schneider's Bakery, etc. This is a reference to the show's director, Dan Schneider.

Trivia: In the episode Tree House, Megan says Mom and Dad went out to dinner with the Schneiders. This is a reference to the director of the show Dan Schneider.

Trivia: In "Helicopter", the name on the tail of the helicopter is Schneider. This is a reference to producer Dan Schneider.

Trivia: If you look closely at all the outdoor shots of the Premiere (and you can sometimes catch a glimpse during indoor scenes), the movies playing there remain the same for the entire season and the new ones are added when the new season begins.

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