Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
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Gomer and the Queen of Burlesque - S4-E21

Continuity mistake: Gomer is on a date - they come out of the movie theater and it's dark. Back at the base after his date Gomer runs into Sgt. Hacker, and it's daylight and the sun is shining. After their brief conversation Gomer tells Sgt. Hacker good night. (00:07:00 - 00:08:00)


PFC Gomer Pyle - S2-E1

Factual error: Sgt. Carter is wearing a plain belt buckle with his dress blues uniform. Since Sgt. Carter is Gunnery Sgt, he is a staff NCO so his buckle should have the USMC emblem on the buckle. (00:24:00)

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Gomer Pyle: Golly.

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Answer: There's no indication they were meeting for the first time, in fact they seem to know each other as Sgt. Carter addresses Andy only as "Sheriff". Gomer Pyle just says his two favorite people are "meeting face to face", and obviously in the pilot episode Sgt. Carter wasn't one of Pyle's favorite people yet.


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