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The Beast Below - S5-E2

Corrected entry: When the Doctor and Amy are in the star whale's mouth, the light given off by the sonic screwdriver is the previous version's blue, instead of the usual current green.


Correction: This happens several times throughout the series (such as in "Closing Time" in series 6). It suggests that the blue (or sometimes white) light is actually used as a torch instead of the green light, as blue and white are better colours for torches than green.

Exactly right. That version of the sonic screwdriver is shown to have a flashlight function.

Flesh and Stone (2) - S5-E5

Corrected entry: On screen, when Amy is blind and surrounded by Angels, the Angels move very slowly. However, in the episode "Blink", the Doctor says that Angels are faster than the eye can see. Even if they were damaged Angels, they would still move much faster than they did in the scene, as other damaged Angels were seen, and one moved about 50 metres in the blink of an eye.

Correction: The angels have fallen for the Doctor's bluff and still think that Amy can see them, so are moving carefully to avoid risking being seen.

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The Eleventh Hour - S5-E1

Corrected entry: The Doctor regenerates in Christmas 2004 and then crashes and sees Amy. In 2010, Amy said that was 12 years ago, making that year 1998.


Correction: The Doctor doesn't regenerate in Christmas 2004, he gets in the TARDIS after being in 2004 and exits the current point in time and then regenerates in the TARDIS. Also, leaving in the TARDIS would have him go through the time vortex meaning that he wouldn't have even been in 2004 anymore. The TARDIS had also gone completely out of control after he had regenerated and had been damaged, so the TARDIS stopping at a different point in the timeline could easily be a possibility.

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Flesh and Stone (2) - S5-E5

Corrected entry: When the Weeping Angels are trapping The Doctor, just before he gets grabbed by one, you can see one move its hand to grab him. (00:11:35)

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Correction: If the Doctor wasn't looking at the Angel then it was able to move.

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