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Season 1 generally

Plot hole: KITT was able to disable or scramble gears and locks. But whenever he is on a car lift he becomes "helpless." Unable to gain access to the controls to lower him.

Forget Me Not - S1-E13

Other mistake: When Michael is carrying Micki up the cliff, she's supposed to be unconscious. But he's not holding on to her and her hand stays wrapped around his neck to hold on. Not something she should be able to do. When they're near the top, her hand position changes, but she's still able to hold onto him.


Mouth of the Snake [a.k.a. All That Glitters] (1) - S2-E21

Other mistake: At about 7 minutes into the show, you see a US border sign in English and Spanish lying on the ground. The English version says "500 yards ahead." The Spanish version says "150 metros" which is roughly 500 feet, not 500 yards. It is also not clear why a sign fairly far on the Mexican side would have English text at all, especially with wording that is more typical of US rather than Mexican signs. (00:06:49)

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Knight Rider [Pilot; a.k.a. Knight of the Phoenix] (1) - S1-E1

Question: At one point, after promising help, Michael parks, and goes to a pay phone to call Devon. As he gets to the booth, over his left shoulder, there is a badly altered Pepsi sign. Black tape has been put over the word 'PEPSI' in the familiar logo, and also over the "si" in the phrase 'say Pepsi please'. What type of mistake would this be?

Movie Nut

Chosen answer: Before "product placement" became common, name-brand products were rarely, if ever seen in TV shows, mostly due to avoid advertising conflicts with program sponsors. The Pepsi logo may have been taped out to prevent any commercial infringements.

raywest Premium member

Are you kidding? Product placement was so rampant in the 50s that sometimes you'd wonder if you were watching a TV show or a paid ad.

Brian Katcher

Knight Rider wasn't produced in the 1950s. TV shows of that era had advertising more similar to the old radio shows from the 30s and 40s. The early 50s series often had a sole sponsor, so their product (and related items) was likely seen in a program. An announcer also informed the audience at the beginning that, "This program is brought to you by (insert brand name). " From the 60s on, brand-name products weren't generally seen in TV programs. Networks sold air time to multiple advertisers, and their ads were shown during the long commercial breaks. So no, I'm not kidding.

raywest Premium member

Answer: It wouldn't be a mistake. Anyone could have taped the sign for a number of reasons.

Brian Katcher

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