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Knight Rider (1982)

3 mistakes in Inside Out

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Inside Out - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: When the driver of the lorry is radioing for a situation check, you see the driver with a radio in his hand. When you see them drive by and hear him still asking, the driver of the lorry isn't holding a radio, but has both hands on the steering wheel.


Inside Out - S1-E10

Revealing mistake: When the bad guy says "Deploy" and K.I.T.T breaks off from the convoy, you can see a normal steering wheel in the car. (00:35:05)


Inside Out - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: When you see K.I.T.T parked up talking to Devon there is a normal steering wheel on the dash. (00:29:00)


Michael Knight: I need ya buddy.
KITT: Right away Michael.

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Trivia: David Hasselhoff, who plays Michael Knight on Knight Rider, was married to Catherine Hickland from 1984-89 and in 1992 Catherine married an actor whose real name is Michael E. Knight.

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