Lost in Space
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally2
Season 1
Season 1 generally0
1No Place to Hide0
2The Reluctant Stowaway0
3The Derelict0
4Island in the Sky0
5There Were Giants in the Earth1
6The Hungry Sea0
7Welcome Stranger1
8My Friend, Mr. Nobody0
9Invaders from the Fifth Dimension0
10The Oasis0
11The Sky Is Falling0
12Wish Upon a Star0
13The Raft0
14One of Our Dogs Is Missing0
15Attack of the Monster Plants0
16Return from Outer Space0
17The Keeper (1)0
18The Keeper (2)0

The Dream Monster - S2-E14

Other mistake: When Don and Dr Smith are stealing Sesmar's control unit, look closely at the base of the electronic arch - Raddion is hidden from sight but the careful eye will see his golden feet.

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Will Robinson: This is the Jupiter 2, identify yourself, please.

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The Great Vegetable Rebellion - S3-E23

Trivia: Due to their uncontrollable laughter during filming of the infamous "Vegetable Rebellion" episode, Guy Williams and June Lockhart were written out of the next two episodes.

Stephen Edmonds 1
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