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Dick's Big Giant Headache (1) - S4-E23

Continuity mistake: After Harry eats the egg, the lid is still up. When Vicki walks in, the lid is down.


I Am Dick Pentameter! - S4-E6

Continuity mistake: When everyone is in the living kitchen, Tommy ends up getting 2 darts stuck into the dartboard. When Harry throws the remote, the 2nd dart is missing. But it's back in the wide shots after Jennifer comes in. Later, when Tommy throws another dart, that 3rd one is seen, but not the 2nd one.


Much Ado About Dick - S2-E5

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Dick is talking to Sally and Harry about Mary, the position of his tie changes after he says "what's the point."


World's Greatest Dick - S2-E8

Continuity mistake: When Dick gets out of the chair to talk to Tommy, his newspaper is on the chair cushion. Later, it's on top of the pillow.


Dick, Who's Coming to Dinner - S5-E6

Sally: If I could change the world, I'd make every guy look like Don.
Tommy: How would you tell which one was Don?
Sally: They wouldn't all be named Don, dumbass.
Harry: I wonder what I'd look like if I looked like Don.

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Dick on a Roll - S3-E12

Trivia: Dick is never seen walking in this episode and is only in an upright position when he moves from the chair in the lounge room to the wheelchair in the opening scene. This is because John Lithgow hurt his ankle playing tennis, and the episode was written to allow him to be in a wheelchair for the entire episode.

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Dick and Taxes - S4-E12

Question: At the end of their audit, the Solomons are ordered by the IRS to pay back-taxes, some of which for years they weren't even on the planet. Can the IRS actually make people pay taxes for years in which they had no income?

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Answer: No, the IRS cannot make you pay taxes during years in which you had no income but this family hasn't reported any income for years. You are still required to report your income every year, and if you fall below a certain threshold you don't pay federal income taxes. The IRS is assuming they are humans who have a house and careers but they have only filed taxes for a couple years (if at all). To the IRS it looks like simple tax evasion.

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