The Beverly Hillbillies
Season 8
8 Manhattan Hillbillies 0
9 Home Again 0
10 Shorty Kellems Moves West 0
11 Midnight Shorty 0
12 Shorty Go Home 0
13 The Hero 0
14 Our Hero the Banker 0
15 Buzz Bodine, Boy General 0
16 The Clampett-Hewes Empire 0
17 What Happened to Shorty? 0
18 Marry Me, Shorty 0
19 Shorty Spits the Hook 0
20 Three-Day Reprieve 0
21 The Wedding 0
22 Annul That Marriage 0
23 Hotel for Women 0
24 Simon Legree Drysdale 0
25 Honest John Returns 0
26 Honesty is the Best Policy 0
Season 9
Season 9 generally 0

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Jed Clampett: Boy, I'm gonna give you 24 hours to clean up all this mess.
Jethro: Aw come on, Uncle Jed. I'm gonna clean up. I'm gonna set this world on fire.
Jed Clampett: You're gonna clean up all right. Everything. Or you're gonna end up with the seat of your britches on fire.



In the opening scene, the Clampetts are driving home from Malibu. From Malibu to Beverly Hills is east. But as they head home, the ocean is on their left, which means they are driving west.



World famous voice man Mel Blanc plays the beleaguered cab driver in this episode. He is better known for the Looney Tunes voices, especially Bugs Bunny.