Raised by Another - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: When Claire visits the psychic for the second time, she is seen giving him AUS $100 (1 $50 note (yellow note) two $20 notes (red notes), and one $10 note (blue note)) but after the session she asks for her $200 back ($100 notes are green, and there is no sign of any green notes).


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Raised by Another - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: When Thomas breaks up with Claire, and they begin to argue, there are groceries spread out on the table right behind Claire. When Thomas leaves Claire stands beside the table, and now there are entirely different groceries - and more of them, spread out on the table.


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Raised by Another - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: During Claire's second visit to the psychic, her hair changes position between shots. In one shot, it's hanging loose and in the next, it's tucked behind her right ear.


Raised by Another - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: When Claire puts up the drapes, the one is caught on a plant. When Thomas walks over to the drapes, it's not caught anymore. Neither Thomas nor Claire have been near the drapes during this time.


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Raised by Another - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: When Claire finds out she is pregnant, her hair is either messy or neat depending on the camera angle. This is most noticeable when Thomas says it could be the best thing ever.


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Benjamin Linus: Your flight crashed on September 22,2004. Today is November 29th. That means you've been on this island for sixty-nine days. And yes, we do have contact with the outside world, Jack. That's how we know that during those sixty-nine days, your fellow Americans re-elected George W. Bush, Christopher Reeve has passed away, Boston Red Sox won the World Series.
[Jack begins to laugh.]
Benjamin Linus: What?
Jack Shepard: [Still laughing.] If you wanted me to believe that, you probably should have picked somebody else besides the Red Sox.
Bejmain Linus: No, they were down 3-0 against the Yankees in the Championship Series and then won eight straight.
Jack Shepard: [Skeptically.] Sure, sure. Of course they did.
[Ben turns on a VCR.]
Joe Buck: Back to Foulke... Red Sox fans have longed to hear it! The Boston Red Sox are world champions! A clean sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Red Sox celebrate in the middle of the diamond here at Busch Stadium.



When Hurley is at the new house, after his mom hurts her ankle, he reaches into the car window to get the cell phone. When he begins to dial, the cameraman's arm moving about is reflected in the back chrome of the side view mirror.



The character Sun was created specifically for Yoon-jin Kim, after she auditioned for the role of Kate but the writers felt she was not right for the role.