Joey (2004)

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Joey mistake picture

Joey and the Dream Girl (1) - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: When Joey is making the omelette for Donna, we see Joey breaking the eggs and then he puts the bluebowl on the table. When the shot changes, the bowl is no longer there, then comes back again in a later shot. (00:13:00)

Joey mistake picture

Joey and the Dream Girl (1) - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: When Michael tries out baseball, we see him holding the baseball bat, then when the shot changes, after Joey asks him for another quarter he is no longer holding it. (00:15:45)


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Michael: You're a hot girl. Hot girls get stuff for free.
Joey: Yeah, it's true. It's in the Constitution.
Alex: Look, I know what I am. I'm not a hot girl. I'm cute.
Michael: You're a hot girl that doesn't know she's hot. Joey was telling me about those.
Alex: No, I know hot girls. My sister is one of them.
Michael: "The even hotter sister" – one of four ways a girl doesn't realise she’s hot. Along with "went to a girls' school", "used to be fat", and "is blind."
Joey: You have learned well, young Michael.



Joey is talking to Brody. He has a cup in his left hand, then when the shot changes, it's in his right.



In Joey's apartment Hugsy the bedtime penguin pal and the magnadoodle from his apartment in "Friends" can be seen.