Black Books

Black Books (2000)

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Bernard: The little man in my hair is getting very annoyed.

Bernard: Every Day is another Betrayal.

Bernard: Lies! Subterfuge! Seething Corruption.

Bernard: Natural Selection favours the loud and aggressive, no offense, but genetically you are a cul-de-sac.

Fran: It'll be great seeing them all again, it'll be like being back at school.
Bernard: You hated being at school, you had a terrible time.
Fran: I never told you about that.
Bernard: You didn't have to, I just look at your life now and work backwards.

Bernard: I can feel pieces of my brain falling away like a wet cake.

Chalkboard: Can't.

Chalkboard: Don't.

Bernard: Whores will have their trinkets.

Bernard: Don't you dare use the word "Party" as a verb in my shop.

Chalkboard: No Chatting, No Smiling, Absolute Silence.

Manny Come Home - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: Simon Pegg's character shouts at Manny as he is picking up a muffin, and he slams it onto the desk, smashing it and making a large messy pile of crumbs. The shot changes, then changes back so you can see the muffin (in the same scene) and it is a perfectly formed, whole muffin with no crumbs around. Then when Fran shows up and Pegg's character leaves, the muffin is back to being a messy mound.

Gary O'Reilly

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Trivia: Fran's last name is Katzenjammer, which is German for "A momentarily severe hangover". It translates literally as "cat misery".

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