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2 mistakes in Mr. Monk and the Wrong Man

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Mr. Monk and the Wrong Man - S6-E8

Plot hole: Monk supposedly hears for the first time that Max was not carrying anything away from the crime scene when he speaks to the witness in front of the church. This leads him to conclude that there must have been a 2nd man with Max 14 years ago. But this does not make sense given that the witness with her photographic memory did not change her testimony and given Monks ability to observe and memorize details it is very unlikely that he did not come to that conclusion 14 years ago already. (00:32:45)

Adrian Monk: I don't know how he did it. But he did it.

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Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike - S5-E2

Question: Why would it have been political suicide if it was discovered that Mayor Nicholson was secretly meeting with Cusack to end the garbage strike? If anything, if the people found out that they were meeting to find a way to end the garbage strike, wouldn't that have made everybody happy considering how much garbage was piling up all over the city?

Answer: The two men are trying to work out a secret deal between them without involving the union, which means the workers' interests aren't being represented and defeats the whole purpose of a union. The mayor would lose labor's support and Cusack's union troubles would just be starting.

Captain Defenestrator

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