Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Mr. Stenchy - S1-E4

Corrected entry: When Gantu is imagining him and Mr Stenchy running towards each other in the field, one shot shows that Gantu hasn't got his gun, but in the next shot, Gantu has his gun.

Correction: Gantu's imagining the scene, so he may have forgot a few details and then added them.

Baby-Fier - S1-E33

Corrected entry: 626 reacts to caffeine (i.e. coffee) so why does the strongest coffee on the Island affect Pleakley, but doesn't affect Stitch at all?

Correction: Pleakly actually DRANK the stuff, rather than have it fall on him, like what happened with the others. I don't think Stitch reacts by simply being covered by it.

Angel - S1-E31

Corrected entry: When Lilo is watching a tape of Stitch and Angel, she zooms in to see the tag that Angel is wearing. The tag has the phone number "5550198293434533655882" but when Lilo is saying the number, she skips one of the fives.

Reservoir Dog

Correction: Character mistake, not episode mistake.

Poxy - S1-E29

Corrected entry: When Gantu starts to leave his ship in the beginning, 625 (Sandwich Boy) gives him a grocery list as he says, "You're going out? Could you pick up a few groceries for me?" However, the list is blank.

Correction: Although hard to see, the piece of paper actually has light grey writing on it, which is visible when you see 625 waving.

Yapper - S1-E8

Corrected entry: Hamsterville is constantly changing size. In the episode with finder, he looks to be about the size of a normal hamster. In the episode with Felix, when he sends Felix back, he looks the same size as Felix.

Correction: No he is the same size the whole time. Remember Felix isn't all that big either.

Mr. Stenchy - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: The second time that Jumba shoots Gantu with the orange string that wraps him up, the highest it gets is his shoulders, however, when Gantu falls to the floor, the string is now in three ringlets above his forehead.

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Lilo: Jumba, are you okay?
Jumba: I am okay! I landed on my patooki.

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