The Nanny
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Maggie: Well, Daddy can't you see that Michael is my Cats? Please just don't let me pass on this one.

C.C.: I find it very unseemly of Maxwell to start dating again. Isn't the customary period of mourning 10 years?
Niles: Die. Let's find out.

Sylvia Fine: Trust me, there is only one man who can satisfy a woman in two minutes - Colonel Sanders.

C.C.: I find I can catch more flies with honey.
Niles: I always thought your tongue darted out.

Philippe: Hello, Caca.
C.C.: What?
Philippe: Is this not what C.C. stands for? That is what the butler told me.

Brighton Sheffield: Niles, this steak is tough.
Niles: So is life. Then you die.

C.C.: What is this un-natural obsession Maxwell has with his children? I can count the number of days I spent with my father on one hand.
Niles: Seven?

Fran: You shouldn't leave the house with things unresolved. That's why men die young.
Max: That's not why. Because they want to.

C.C.: Me and Max have rented a cottage right by the lake.
Niles: How convenient, Sir, should you choose to drown yourself.

Nigel Sheffield: I hope you don't mind me telling you one more time just how, how sexy you are.
Fran: Nope, still diggin' it.

Niles: How do you do, Tiz Maylor? I'm Biles, the nutler.

C.C.: You are a pathetic excuse for a man.
Niles: Ditto.

C.C.: Maxwell, I'm an important part of this team.
Niles: That's true sir, that couch would be floating all around if she weren't here to weigh it down.

Grace 'Gracie' Sheffield: Look Fran, giant Barbie Dolls.
Fran: No Honey, these toys are for boys.

C.C.: I couldn't put a foot out of bed this morning.
Niles: Did someone put a rock on your coffin again?

The Whine Cellar - S2-E10

Other mistake: When Sylvia is outside the Sheffield mansion she says "I wonder if my daughter Fran is at home? I will see if she is" the doorbell rings as soon as she finishes that line, but you can see both her hands are visible. She can't have rung the doorbell.

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The Gym Teacher - S1-E19

Trivia: At the end of the show, Fran and The Gym Teacher, played by Rita Moreno, are discussing Fran's high school boyfriend. Moreno's lines in the scene are from the song "A boy like that" that her character Anita sang in the 1961 movie West Side Story.

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