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Xena: Warrior Princess (1995)

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A Comedy of Eros - S2-E22

Trivia: Karl Urban, who plays Cupid in this episode, also plays Caesar in many episodes.

Jack's Revenge

The Quest (2) - S2-E13

Trivia: This was the 2nd of a two part episode, and the script had to be totally re-written as a mostly Xena Free episode due to Lucy breaking her pelvis in an accident on the Jay Leno show.

Jack's Revenge

A Day in the Life - S2-E15

Trivia: During the whole episode if you watch carefully there is a golden statue that appears several times even in the final shot as if it was "following" the characters.

Shannon Moran

Ten Little Warlords - S2-E8

Trivia: The footage at the end of this episode is recycled, and enhanced to look like sunset. When the shot changes to their backs, it is a Xena stand in. This is because of Lucy's accident she had on the Jay Leno Show, where she broke her pelvis.

Jack's Revenge

Destiny (1) - S2-E12

Trivia: When Xena is on the cross and Caesar is saying goodbye, he turns to a Roman soldier and says "Break her legs". That soldier is actress Lucy Lawless' real life brother.

Shannon Moran

Orphan of War - S2-E1

Trivia: When Xena is climbing out of the tree hollow (after they've been lifted out of the cavern) her chakram falls off her armor. (00:28:30)


The Greater Good - S1-E21

Revealing mistake: When Xena 'dies', her pulse is checked, and they can't find one, yet you can see her pulse in her neck. (00:30:30)

Jack's Revenge
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