Roswell (1999)

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Four Aliens and A Baby - S3-E17

Corrected entry: Max and Tess's baby would be half alien and half human, not pure human. Since Tess and Max are both half alien, the DNA they give to the baby would be both human and Alien. Therefore the baby would get half human and half alien DNA from *both* parents, meaning he would be half alien as well. That means that the people on Antar wouldn't reject him just because of that.

Correction: The three are told by Nesedo that they are biologically human, (albeit in bio-engineered human bodies, capable of doing things the human race won't be able to do for thousands more generations of evolution) with the alien "essence" of their former lives put into the bodies. So the baby is 100% human.

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Pilot - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Max, Michael, and Isabel are at the taco stand discussing Max's saving of Liz's life, you can see Michael hand Max the bottle of Tabasco the three are sharing, and when the shot switches, Michael again has the bottle of Tabasco. (00:13:15)

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Michael: Whoever sent us down here was smart, you know? Because they sent us together, and as long as we stick together, we're gonna make it.

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