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Christian Troy - S2-E2

Corrected entry: Dr. Troy disrobes so that a dermatologist can examine him for moles. He said he often tans in the nude. Later on we see his bottom end and it is quite pale. Doesn't match the tan on the rest of his body.

Maria Santos

Correction: "Often" doesn't mean anything close to "always" and "tans" doesn't always take into consideration basic outdoor activities in which one obtains a tan, especially in Miami. His body is so tan in comparison to his pale bottom that "often" may not have been enough to offset the difference. Also, depending on lighting, say in a doctor's office, shower or poorly lit bedroom, where we most often get to see said bottom, this difference may be exaggerated.


Megan O'Hara - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: As Christian and Sean are consulting with Megan O'Hara and her husband, you can see a clear shot of the clipboard of her file, and her age states 31 years old. About a month later, Megan dies (Adelle Coffin episode) and after the funeral while Julia and Sean are in an argument concerning his affair with Megan, Julia expresses remorse that Megan died at 36 years old.

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Sean McNamara: Erotic is when you use a fetaher. Porn is when you use the whole chicken... and this girl's been through A LOT of chicken.

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Answer: It's a computer graphic.

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